Make a Call for Students with Disabilities

Thanks to everyone who’s been making calls and forwarding our email blasts on the special education funding reform legislation. The efforts are starting to have an impact, but we need to make sure our voices are heard.

The Senate may take up SB 1316 as soon as members return to the Capitol on June 2, so please make a call today and urge them to support SB 1316.


  1. Find the District office phone number and e-mail address of the your state senator here:
  2. Call their District office and leave a message, asking them to support Senate Bill 1316.


  • Please support Senate Bill 1316, the special education funding and accountability reform bill. Senator Pat Browne is the lead sponsor in the Senate.
  • The current funding system for special education is broken, is unfair, and does not provide enough resources for special education in the right places.
  • I am asking you to support reform of the state funding and accountability system for special education. The school districts you represent need support for special education, and must be held accountable for results.
  • I have personal experience with how this broken system hurts children with disabilities and all students. (Describe your experience.)
  • It is disheartening to hear misleading opposition to this legislation from the leaders of the charter school advocacy community. In truth, charter schools that serve students with more significant disabilities would, under the proposed new formula, receive far greater resources to serve those students than they do under the current, flawed system. (See chart: