Act Now!

ACT NOW! Before it’s too late, take a stand to save community mental health and substance abuse funding!

Representative Gene DiGirolamo (R-Bucks) has introduced an Amendment (A10823) to the State Senate’s budget bill (SB 1466) that restores all of the human services funding cuts recommended by Governor Corbett in connection with his proposed Human Services Block Grant program. DiGirolamo’s amendment also puts these funds back into their original appropriations, thereby blocking the new block grant proposal.

Representative DiGirolamo needs your support and action TODAY! Help him pressure Republican leadership to maintain existing funding levels for community mental health and substance abuse services and stop the Human Services Block Grant!

Timing is critical. It is likely that Senate and House Republican leaders will make a “behind-the-scenes” deal on the budget—among each other—in the next few days and with Governor Corbett next week.

Republican leadership will ask all of the members of its Caucus to withdraw amendments to SB 1466 in favor of an omnibus amendment (one amendment that incorporates any change to the Senate Budget Bill that has been agreed upon via the negotiated deal). If their members do not agree to withdraw amendments, then the House will spend a day or two voting on many amendments to SB 1466—most of which will not pass. They hope to have a final budget in place by June 15.

ACT TODAY to save funding for mental health and substance abuse services:

Contact your House members and ask them to:

  • express their opposition to the block grant and support for maintaining the current mental health and substance abuse funding levels to Representative Bill Adolph, the House Republican Appropriations Chair, and to Representative Mike Turzai, the House Majority Leader.
  • express their opposition to the block grant and support for maintaining the current mental health and substance abuse funding levels in their respective caucus meetings on the budget
  • voice their support, when talking to leadership and within their caucus meetings, for Representative DiGirolamo’s amendment that restores the funding cuts and blocks the block grant.

In addition, please contact Representative DiGirolamo to let him know how much we appreciate his ongoing support. You can contact him at:

Honorable Gene DiGirolamo
Chairman, House Human Services Committee
49 East Wing
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 783-7319
Fax: (717) 772-2414

Hon. Gene DiGirolamo
2424 Bristol Road
Neshaminy Valley Commons
Bensalem, PA 19020-6002
(215) 750-1017
Fax: (215) 750-1295

PCPA Legislative Alert: DiGirolamo Budget Amendments

Contact Legislators Monday to Vote “Yes” on DiGirolamo Budget Amendments!
Representative Gene DiGirolamo is introducing two amendments to Governor Corbett’s proposed budget, one which stops the block grant and a second which restores the human services funding cut still remaining after the Senate budget proposal, Senate Bill 1477, restored half. It is likely the amendments will be voted on June 5 (during PCPA Capitol Day)! It is crucial that every legislator in Pennsylvania be called or emailed on Monday to ask them to vote “YES” on the DiGirolamo amendments. More information will be shared when available. Further questions may be addressed to Anne Leisure (

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