PCPA Alert: Children’s Behavioral Health Services

PCPA Alert
June 25, 2012
MHA Issues Family Alert for Children’s Behavioral Health Services
The Mental Health Association (MHA) in Pennsylvania has issued the following alert to families.


The Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRN) has been made aware of recent policy and practice changes by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) and Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations (BH-MCOs) that have limited and may continue to negatively impact children’s access to behavioral health services, for example, Summer Therapeutic Activities Programs, Behavioral Specialist Services, and Therapeutic Staff Support.  If you are having difficulty accessing a home-, community-, or school-based behavioral health service your child needs or has had in the past, or that has been prescribed for your child, please contact DRN’s Intake by calling 1-800-692-7443 or by sending an email to intake@drnpa.org.
Members are encouraged to be aware of the practice and policy changed referenced in the communication from the Disability Rights Network and to share, as appropriate, DRN contact information. Members are also encouraged to inform PCPA of local managed care and Medical Assistance Transportation Program policy and practice changes that impact access to or continuity of care. 


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