Take A Stand Against Budget Cuts!

Write, Email, Phone – Time to Get in Touch with Legislators!
It is crucial that the work being done in Harrisburg be accompanied by grass roots legislative work in the districts! Legislators are very interested in hearing from constituents, including providers, consumers, and families. It is important that they continue to be reminded by every means possible of the importance of maintaining access to behavioral health, intellectual disability, and autism services. While the most effective means of outreach continues to be inviting legislators to tour agencies or visiting them accompanied by families or consumers, in the all out budget assault that providers are currently experiencing, other methods of outreach need to be employed as well. 
Legislators’ email addresses, mail addresses, and phone numbers can be found on www.legis.state.pa.us. PCPA has developed sample language that can be used in letters or emails and budget talking points to assist in delivering the message. However, this suggested language is only part of what should be included – most important is information about how your agency serves those in the community, especially success stories if possible. The following materials may help agencies reach out to legislators through letters, phone calls, and emails. 

These cuts target the truly needy and will hurt individuals who should not be sacrificed during this time of limited resources, but should be among the first protected. If services to Pennsylvanians in need of mental health, intellectual disability, autism, or addiction care are to remain accessible and effective, funding must be preserved and Pennsylvania’s safety net must be protected. To avoid the devastation of Pennsylvania’s community services, it is crucially important that members take action NOW! 


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