Self Advocacy Day 2016 was a HUGE Success!

On May 6, 2016, Self Advocacy Day was held at Pocono Inne Town in Stroudsburg PA. This day was funded by Carbon-Monroe-Pike Mental Health/Developmental Services Program and provided an opportunity for self-advocates to share with other self-advocates and those who support them with what they need to live an Everyday Life.

Featured speakers were Sherri Landis from DREAM Partnership, whose mission is to develop a selection of post-secondary educational opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities in PA. Career Independent Living & Learning Studies were presented by Ronald Nagel & Samantha Cepeda, students from the CILLS program who described their experiences at East Stroudsburg University.pic1

In the photo to the left are (L) James Furiosi, MA, M.Ed., Quality Manager of CMP Developmental Services Department and our guest host of the day, (R) Ernie Roundtree, Self-Advocate. In the next photo below are students from the CILLS program, (L) Ronald Nagel and (R) Samantha Cepeda.pic2